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Gambling is a form of entertainment and a method of passing the time – this is seen through out history, from hundreds of years ago through our timeline today. While the methods of gambling have changed, many of the games have basically stayed the same. In this article, we are going to briefly cover the history of gambling and just how old some of our favorite gambling devices are.

In studying the layouts and the remains of ancient sites, drawings, artifacts and reading left behind by those who lived ages ago show that gambling took place with in the largest portions of society that existed.

Thousands of years ago, around the time of 2000 BC gambling remnants are revealed in the countries of Egypt , India , and China and in ancient Rome . While this time line may surprise some, there are even remnants of gambling seen five hundred years before this time! Around the time frame of 1500 BC a set of dice were found in the remains of a Thebes city.

Ancient armies would spend their time gambling with dice and then cards to pass their time when they were on longer guard duty stints. From the ancient times of dice, paper was created, and then cards were introduced into society. The first decks of cards appeared sometime in history around the early 900’s when decks of cards where actually the money used by those in China .

The history of the roulette wheel does not ‘go back’ in history as far as the die or the deck of cards, but the first roulette wheel is still very old, going back as far as the late sixteen hundreds and into the early seventeen hundreds.

Gambling is a form of entertainment, fun, and passing the time in many countries.

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